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With hundreds of complaints on multiple sites, has to be one of the biggest and most proliferated auction scams in existence today. Upon Closer review and examination it has been determined that is indeed utilizing the 7 dollar swoopo clone script that was readily available from

That script has, an autobidder built in to bid against flesh and blood players so anyone bidding on is actually bidding against the computer. This would only make sense as there are hundreds if not thousands of complaints littered across the web attesting to this fact, from people spending hundreds of dollars and couldn't even win a curling iron to savvy bidders who quickly realized, something just wasn't right with the auctions being operated by We would warn any and all bidders to steer clear of this site and if anyone tells you that it is because of the amount of traffic to the site as to why it is difficult to win, they are just flat out lieing to you. You cant win because there is an autobidder installed in there script, it is common knowledge in the auction community and it is not disclosed anywhere on there site.

Bidcactus is about as dishonest as they come and anyone who supports them is in league with them and this is a fact. We would be delighted to hear your experiences with and any other auction that you may have participated in.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I too have won numerous items that I have never received. You have to tippy toe around their lies in hopes of receiving your products.

It is such a scam, I stress do NOT fall prey to the lure of easy winnings! For even if you do win, the prize may never appear!

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